Shri Ajay Buchasia

Nathji Maharaj is present in every little particle of our existence, in our breath, in our entire family and also in every generation of ours that is yet to come. I went to Guwahati in 1985 to do business in coal. In spite of my small capital, little experience and the new ambiance, my business started rolling off due to the blessings of Nathji Maharaj. My younger brother Anand completed his studies after a few days. He too started coming to Guwahati and started helping in the business. Whatever little work used to be there in Kolkata, Anil, our youngest brother used to look after that. Narharinathji Maharaj arranged for a big fare in Fatehpur during the end of 1985. At that time Shri Guruji had come to Kolkata and Raniganj. He took Anand with him. He got the opportunity to serve Nathji Maharaj on several occasions for a long time. Here I faced some problems in business due to one brother’s not being there for such a long time. But our business rolled on fine due to the blessings of Nathji Maharaj. Our youngest brother Anil completed his studies during those days. He became a chartered accountant with high marks and started a new office in Kolkata. When our business succeeded, we started having money. Our lifestyle changed. Once or twice we had problems from ULFA, the terrorist organization of Assam, but it all ended. In 1992, a demand came from the central committee of ULFA and I was asked to see them in an unknown place. During those days, Fatehpur could not be connected directly by phone. Coincidentally he had come to Sikar. He told me not to meet them then. According to his instructions, we left home from the backdoor and reached Shilong. From there we took a flight to Kolkata, and from there we came to Raniganj. After 2 months he came to Raniganj. He said, “Go to Guwahati and do your work.” I asked him, “Do I compromise with the ULFA people in Guwahati?” he kept silent, as if he did not hear me. We went to Guwahati. I thought it would be impossible to work in the eastern region without compromising with the ULFA people. After reaching Guwahati, the first thing I did was start my car to go to the ULFA people. But the car had problems on the way. I tried a lot but the car didn’t start. The mechanic too went away saying that the car has to be taken to the garage. Standing beside the car alone I was wondering what to do. I tried once again, the car suddenly started up. But it was 10 in the night by then. I thought I’ll go and meet the ULFA guys the next day. The next day I was ready to go out. At that time he had come to Siliguri. He called up and asked about our situation. When I told him that I am going for a compromise with the ULFA people, he asked me to hold it and do my work. “Don’t wake up the sleeping tiger.” I understood. After that I never went to meet the ULFA people and concentrated on my work. I did business till 2002 in peace. By the grace of Nathji Maharaj, no terrorist organization ever troubled me as long as I stayed there. Nathji Maharaj’s marvel is endless. This is just a small incident in my life that I have been able to write down. There are so many such things which I am not being able o describe here. If God ever grants me a wish, I would wish that may Nathji Maharaj’s love shower on our entire family and the coming generations this way for ever. If Nathji Maharaj’s love is there, there is everything.

Ajay Buchasia