Shri Anil Buchasia

Our family has been attached with Amritnathji Ashram in fatehpur since generations. Ever since my childhood, I have heard about the blessings that have been bestowed on us from my mother. What seemed to be like stories in childhood, have been revealed in front of my eyes now. Amritnath Ashram is heaven itself, and the sages here are gods. Writing a few incidents of life about the ashram is actually demeaning it. The ashram is present in every breath of ours, and as my elder brother says, a page can be written down about every single day here. The saints here give one so many things without even one knowing about them. Their blessings always come in disguise.

When everyone was asked to write about his or her feelings and the blessings that each has got, several things started running through my mind. Several blessings are such that writing about them seems to be quite difficult. Still I will try and write down about some blessings at least.

My wife suffered from asthma. Friar Narharinathji said that there is a physician in Chandigarh who cures asthma. Babaji had come to Delhi and he asked me to reach there urgently. My wife and I got ready to go to Delhi quickly and set off for the station. There we did not get the tickets. So I and my wife caught a flight to Delhi. Babaji came to see us at the airport, and sent us to Chandigarh the very next day. There we consulted the physician, took medicine from him and came back to Kolkata. Ever since then, there has been no complaint of asthma from my wife. It is important to mention here that my wife did not take the whole of the physician’s medicine. This happened some 4 years back. This makes it clear that Babaji has always made mediums of other people. He designated his own blessings as the physician’s medicine and thus negated his own greatness.

One incident is of 1991. We had set up a factory of coconut oil. After the inauguration of the factory, I was coming to Kolkata with friar Narharinathji. Amidst discussions, Babaji said, “You people ask for water, and the lord wants to give you milk.” I understood what he meant after several years. The coconut oil factory we had set up got destroyed in an accident, and we started an export business, which proved to be much more profitable than the coconut oil factory.

In 1995, our place was raided by the Sales Tax people. This was around the occasion of Shivaratri. I had a program to go to Fatehpur on Shivaratri. I called up Babaji and told him that I won’t be ale to go. The next day Babaji called me up at home said that the Sales Tax raid was of no real importance. Our case got dismissed automatically after that day.

This happened in 1998. We were all engaged in our own businesses. Then Friar Narharinathji said to us, “Shri Nathji’s blessings are with you. Invest in export and you’ll be very successful. Propagate Nathji’s name everywhere.” After 1998, we have never had to look back. Today we are doing export business very successfully. It is all due to the great kindness of Nathji.

These blessings can be seen physically. There are many such things which can only be felt. Friar Narharinathji Maharaj is an exponent of all the arts and is an incarnate of Nathji Maharaj.

Friar Narharinathji Maharaj has provided us with guidance and shelter in every juncture of life. He has been a father when needed and a friend when sought for. Only the great Lord Ram and Lord Krishna hold such positions in respect and capability. We devotees are extremely fortunate to have been so close to Babaji. Showing miracles is a trifle thing. He changes people completely from within. Once he holds someone’s hand, he doesn’t leave that person before he or she is enlightened. I and many other devotees like me bow a hundred times to such a saint.

Anil Buchasia