Shri Bhawar Singh

I met Shri Shri 108 Guru Narharinathji in the year 2000, when our village was suffering from draughts for 3 continuous years. The village was starving and dying slowly. The animals were in bad shape, and nobody was paying any attention to them. Three cows were dying everyday on an average. Guruji Maharaj came to our village at that point of time and after talking to the villagers, arranged for grass and fodder to save the lives of the cows. The villagers told me that a sage has come who will arrange for grass and fodder for the cows to save them. Hearing that, question arose in my mind that can there be a sage so kind to animals and so religious in today’s world? And I reached the village assembly to see him. There I saw Guru Maharaj. It was as if an electric shock passed through my mind, and my mind overflowed. The villagers assigned me with the responsibility of shepherding the herds. Guru Maharaj kept arranging for money and fodder. This way some 50,000 rupees were spent in my village and the cows could be saved from the famine. Guru Maharaj did this work not only in our village, but in 10-12 more villages around.

Once I pleaded with Guru Maharaj to come to my place and have some tea, and Guru Maharaj was kind to a poor man like me. He came to my small house and ate our food. When I prayed to him to make me his disciple, he became kind to me and made me so by giving me the guru chant. As soon as I got the guru chant, I seemed to be attracted towards him like a piece of iron is attracted towards a magnet. My mind changed so much that all my negative thoughts died off. All my bad habits like drinking and taking other intoxicants were gone and I started feeling repulsion towards them. Guru Maharaj took me to the 5 holy places with him, and my life was fulfilled. I cannot pay my debts to my guru in this life. Neither can I describe the bliss that I got. Now I cannot keep myself away from him for a moment.

I had several diseases in my body, which were all gone. I had diabetes, and that too was gone. I had self realization after coming close to Nath Maharaj. My soul was purified. I could see the right path. I will not forget that favour in my life. He told me to do good things to get relieved from the bondage of this world. I don’t have anything that I can give him. If he asks for my life, I will give it to him.

I apologize to him for all my faults. Please forgive me.

Bhanwar Singh
Gorisar via Ratangarh
Churu, Rajasthan