Shri Mahavir Dhanuka

I have been coming to Nathji Ashram since 60 years now. My father used to be sick and his condition was pretty bad. My mother Rukmani Devi started coming to the ashram. One day she was very sad and prayed to Babaji. He appeared in her dream at night and said, “…..” At that point of time I used to study in the Chamria Inter College. I used to the ashram after my college got over in the evening. At that time the great saint Jyotinathji Maharaj was the chief. I was 12 years old when my father died. After that the great yogi Shubhnathji Maharaj ascended the position. I used to go there almost every evening. I had given up my studies. One day when I went to Babaji for the offerings, he told me, “What are you doing here? Go towards the east.” I did not understand what he meant. When I told my mother about what he said, she asked me to go to Siliguri. I did not know anybody there. But my work business started rolling right as I reached there. I made 2 or 3 trips to Siliguri. Then I decided to shift there. When I came to Baba Shubhnathji for his consent, he gave me the offerings and said that I have become a rich man. Shri Nathji Maharaj has been very kind and generous to me. Shri Hanumannathji Maharaj ascended the chief’s position. I became his disciple. Whenever I have a problem, I pray to him. He comes in my dreams at night and relieves me of all sufferings. I am greatly indebted to Shri Nathji ashram. Whatever I have, I have it due to the blessing of Shri Nathji Maharaj. I will always cheer to Shri Nathji’s glory and will always do so. After that Shri Narharinathji Maharaj became the chief. He came to Siliguri. At that time we used to live in a 2-roomed apartment. The business was running with a lot of difficulties. He told us to leave that apartment and make a new house. It was due to his blessings that we made a nice, big house and live happily in it. Whatever problem comes, it gets solved as soon as we resort to him. All our relatives and in-laws have great faith in him. We are highly indebted to him and he is very kind to us. Our entire family is at Shri Nathji’s command.

Mahavir Dhanuka
Siliguri (Darjeeling)