Shri Mahavir Prasad Parik

In 1997, blood started flowing suddenly out of my eldest son Krishna Chandra’s nose. When it did not cure after meticulous treatment, the doctor did a CT scan and said that it could be cancer and needed to be operated on. At that time Babaji Shri Saral Nathji Maharaj had come to Delhi. I went to him. He consoled me by telling me that it was nothing as such, and asked me to pray to Shri Nathji and take my son to some eminent hospital. Everything will be alright. Once things are alright, he asked me to go to Fatehpur to see Babaji. So it happened due to the blessing of Babaji Maharaj, and it was the first time I went there and had the sight of Babaji Maharaj. Influenced by this incident, my two sons, two brothers and their families too resorted to Babaji Maharaj. My daughter did not have a child till 10 years after her marriage. The doctors had given up. One day when my daughter and I prayed to Friar Narharinathji Maharaj, he told my daughter, “Go, you’ll have a son.” But my daughter caught hold of his feet and said, “Please say that I’ll have my son in 9 months, or else I won’t leave your feet.” Babaji Maharaj asked her to leave his feet and said that she will have her son. But she did not, and then Babaji Maharaj granted her wish. She had her son in 9 months after an eight-month carriage. My younger son too had two daughters. He too got a son by the grace of Babaji Maharaj.

Like above, several other incidents happen which make us feel that Shri Nathji Maharaj himself is present there. In reality, the tomb of Shri Amritnathji Maharaj is a living tomb. One, who sits in front of it, gets a heavenly feeling of peace. The purity and sanctity of the ashram generates freshness, energy and peace in the visitors and inspire them to go on the way of truth and faith. I pray to Babaji Shri Amritnathji Maharaj for his blessings to be showered on us for ever, and to guide us on the way of truth.

Mahavir Prasad Parikh