Shri Manish Buchasia

If someone asks me whether anybody has seen god or not, I would say that yes, I have and he is none other than my Guru Maharaj Friar Shri Narharinathji. Some of the miracles that happened with me and my family are like this…

My younger brother was suffering from asthma in 1995. After treatment, the doctors said that it was like pigeon chest, something that happens to old people, and it is very difficult to cure. After that my brother could not sleep in the nights since Dipavali. We lost all hope and told Guruji about it. He told us to take him to Fatehpur during the autumn fare. There he told him to fast for one day and eat the holy offerings as much as he could after the rituals at night and to observe some rituals. Later when we came back to Kolkata and took him to the doctor, the doctor said was surprised and said that it was some kind of a miracle. Then I realized that Guru Shri Narharinathji had actually relieved us of the disease by blessing us in the form of the holy offerings and the rituals. I bow hundreds of times to such miraculous saint.

Later in 1998, my mother had terrible depression. We consulted doctors and spent a lot of time and money in her treatment, but she did not get well. Everybody was tense at home. Again this time Guru Maharaj blessed us and relieved us of this suffering. He gave my mother a holy band, asked us to stop all medicines of all doctors and said, “Don’t worry, everything will be alright.” After a few weeks we realized that my mother had cured up by Guruji’s blessings in the form of the holy band and his words. Great is our Guruji!

In 1996 I went to Darjeeling with a few friends of mine. There, due to my silliness, I had a bet with my friends and jumped off a hill. People there said that I won’t survive. But when I came out alive from there, they said, “It is by god’s grace that he has survived.” But I know that it was not god’s, but my Guruji’s grace. He relieved the suffering of a trifle devotee like me.

Another such incident occurred in 1999 when I was at my maternal home in Dhanbad. There due to some work I set off for Bokaro in a Maruti Van. My cousin, I and the driver were there in the van. It happened such that the driver took a turn at a bend at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. As a result, the car went out of control. The moment I saw that it had gone out of control, I said, “Oh Babaji, save me!” In a few moments the car took 3 turns and fell down the slope. Later I saw that the three of us were lying on the ground without a single bruise. When the car was lifted by crane from there and taken to the dealer, the dealer said that it was a police case and asked about the car’s passengers. When he learnt that we were the passengers, he said, “Seeing the car turn into a temple and you getting saved from this accident, it seems that god himself had come to grant you a new life.” Yes. That god was none other than my Guruji.

Manish Buchasia