Shri Narottam Vyash

There’s so much to write, but I am appending a few memoirs below.

On 31st march 1994 in Kolkata I had to submit a cheque in the bank. I came out from my office at 149 Tulapatti and was walking on the left pavement of Brabourne Road. I had to go to the other pavement from Tea Board, to reach my bank, the State Bank of Saurashtra. I started crossing the road after the signal permitted, but just as I came to the pavement on the right, a taxi, which was speeding down from the direction of Howrah, ran over me. The show in my left foot got totally spoiled and my shirt, pants and even my underwear got torn off. But I got up quickly, collected the money that had fallen down from my pocket and ran after the taxi. I caught it at the Writers’ Building signal and told the driver that he should have stopped after running over a pedestrian. There were 2 passengers in it, who got angry. Then I told them that it was I who got run over. I asked them either to get off the taxi or to come to the police station with me. Then the two passengers got down and the taxi driver started apologizing. Then I asked him to drop me home. He dropped me home and refused to take the fare at first. But I told him that I would not feel good if I don’t pay, and gave him the entire money, whatever the meter reading was. Then when I came home, my wife asked me how come I was back so early that day? When she saw my clothes and all, she got tense. I told her everything. But the strangest thing was that not even a mere antiseptic needed to be applied on me. My leg did swell after two hours, but everything was fine by the next two days. It was a miracle that I changed my clothes, put on my slippers and went to office just after an hour. Nothing happened to me by the blessings of Shri Nathji Maharaj.

Narottam Vyas