Shri Omprakash Agarwal

I am attached to Shri Shri Amtritnath Ashram at Fatehpur, Shekhavati in Rajasthan as a devotee since many years. I would just like to say that I have not seen god, but I have definitely seen my guru, Shri Shri Narharinathji Maharaj. I have got everything from him. I myself was suffering from depression, but I am absolutely alright now since the last 18 years.

I prayed to Guru Maharaj for my daughter’s marriage on the full moon of autumn 2000. Due to the endless blessings of Guru Maharaj, she got married in a very good family on 28th June 2001. What a great miracle it was! It was raining heavily in Calcutta on the eve of 28th June. It was monsoon time. But there was not a drop of rain in Alipur Park Road, where the venue of the marriage was. This miracle of Guru Maharaj was very significant for me. No explanation will be sufficient to account for his glory and marvels. The power of his favours is beyond all descriptions.

He has shown us, the devotees, the right way by opening up ashrams in Kolkata, Raniganj, Delhi and Jaipur. He has bonded us all together in a family knot.

Omprakash Agarwal