Shri Prahlladrai Palrivala

Our family has been related to Shri Amritnath Ashram in Fatehpur since the last 70 years from the time of venerable saint Shri Jyotinathji Maharaj. During those days my mother was sick at her parent’s place in Karnelganj in Lucknow. She used to suffer a lot and used to remember Shri Nathji Maharaj. She recovered after seeing Shri Amritnathji Maharaj in her dream. At that time my mother and Aunt Kamla used to go to the ashram while no other family did. Troubles loomed on our family, but we got saved due to my mother’s devotion. Later on our family problems kept on being solved during the time of the great yogi Shubhnathji Maharaj, but our family members started visiting the ashram openly only after my illness. I contracted wet pleurisy in Indor. When my bones filled with water, I used to suffocate. Then the water was extracted through a narrow pipe by making a hole on my back. It used to relieve me a lot and helped me breathe properly. This process was repeated every alternate day, and I used to suffer from a lot of pain. Death seemed to be more welcome than life. Two doctors used to monitor me but could not relieve my pain. I had to take medicines ay and night. At that time the Singhasth Kumbh fare was happening at Ujjain and Hanumannathji Maharaj had come there with other sages and devotees. My mother said, only Nathji Maharaj could cure my disease and asked me to pray to him. Aunt Kamla and my wife used to go to Ujjain to beg for Nathji Maharaj’s kindness. But there at the tent Maharaj used to point at sage Kalunathji, who was sick, and say that they have to call the doctor for him. If they could cure diseases, they would have cured him first. Then one day when there was no hope for me to survive, my mother could not bare it and sent my wife to Ujjain without telling anything to anybody. In the evening when my father came to know about it, he too set off for Ujjain. In the night the doctors extracted water from my back for the final time and gave up. They laid me down on the ground from the bed, my grandmother said some chants in my ear and Aunt Kamla poured some holy water of the Ganga in my mouth. It was around 4-30 / 5 in the morning. Right then Shubhnathji Maharaj and Gharinathji Maharaj came to our place in Indor. They entered while Triveni Bai and Bhaga Bai waited in the jeep, by which they had come. Maharaj said, “He wished to have curd. He is dying without it. Put some curd in his mouth.” As they put a spoon of curd in my mouth, life seemed to come back to me and they made me sit up slowly. As I sat up, Gharinathji held Maharaj’s hand, made him lie in the jeep and took him off to Ujjain. There at Ujjain, my father and my wife were waiting for Maharaj. Maharaj reached Ujjain sick with fever. He was taken out of the jeep and laid down. His companions told my folks about the situation in Indor. Then Maharaj returned to Fatehpur, and suffered there for 20 more days. I am still alive and healthy due to the blessings of Shubhnathji Maharaj. After that my family members started visiting Fatehpur frequently, and I started living in fatehpur for months. Our family has been getting a lot of relief ever since the days of Hanumannathji Maharaj till today. Then came the days of Shri Narharinathj Maharaj. I always suffered from financial crisis, as I could never earn money. Due to his blessings, all my five children got married and my family ran well. Describing the ashram’s miracles will be too much, but mentioning a sage’s greatness is important. I went with Shri Narharinathji Maharaj to Himachal to see the seven goddesses. It was monsoon. We were enjoying the sights. Then a road got blocked due to a landslide. Our 16-seater vehicle was full. The car stopped and everybody got down. But Narharinathji Maharaj remained seated in the car and said, “My family is bigger than all yours. The car will go this way only. The driver has his own family. But still he has gathered the courage and is ready to drive. Everybody sat down in the car. There was the highway on one side of the road, and the other side was broken. But our car passed. The ashram and the fraternity have always been kind to our family. It cures all our religious, physical, financial and mental problems.

Prahladray Palriwala