Shri Purushottamlal Karivala

I have experienced Babaji's miracles several times in my life. Around 37 years ago we had a factory in Jaipur which was showing losses and we were all worried. I used to pray to Babaji day and night. One day my wife had a dream. She saw Babaji, touched his feet and adorned him with sandal. Babaji blessed her and said, “Don’t worry daughter, everything will be alright.” Miraculously within 10-15 days the factory started showing profits instead of losses. In 1997, my heart was giving me a lot of trouble. The doctors recommended to go for a by-pass surgery urgently. All my family members were worried. But I was always praying to Babaji in my mind. The night before the operation Babaji (108) Shri Shubhnathji Maharaj came in my dream and blessed me. My worries were gone. I went to the operation theatre with a smiling face. The operation took a long time. When I regained my consciousness after 12 hours, I asked the doctor standing beside me when the operation will happen. The doctor smiled at me and said that it had happened 12 hours back. It was due to Babaji’s blessings that I did not suffer at all. Babaji cured me up completely in just 15 days.

Purushottamlal Kariwala
Maker Tower H/81
G. D. Somani Marg
Cuff Parade
Mumbai – 400 005