Shri Rajendra Kumar Biyani

Even the great gods like Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva could not praise their Gurus properly. How would a trifle devotee like me do it? I am extremely fortunate that I was born in Shekhavati, the place where Baba Amritnathji Maharaj attained his salvation. I started going to the ashram at the age of 5 years with my grandmother Mrs. Narayani Devi Biyani. The ashram is a place of peace. One can feel complete peace after the first step into the ashram. The pure vegetarian food of the ashram, the sanctity and cleanliness renders the mind a feeling of pure and peaceful sanity.

I have been blessed with the endless love of Shri Hanuman Nathji Maharaj since my childhood. Nathji Maharaj used to solve all the problems in our family with ease. He was so kind and considerate that any difficulty, once related to him, would automatically attain a solution the very next day. When Nathji Maharaj was suffering from a serious disease, I got the opportunity to spend 10-15 days with him. I would never forget that proximity with him in my life. It was like a dream, which would remain bright in my memory life after life. Hanuman Nathji Maharaj, the ocean of kindness, said to me in clear language 7 days before leaving earth, “I am going to leave on the 7th. Come if you want to.” But I was unfortunate enough not to see him. I remember the dream and weep in my mind even today. Due to the blessings of Baba Hanuman Nathji Maharaj, Friar Shri Narahari Nathji Maharaj was kind to me since my childhood. Whenever Babaji came to our city (by that time my childhood was spent in Fatehpur) for Jholi, he used to come to our place and ask everybody about their being and used to solve everybody’s problems. Nathji Maharaj solved all the problems of my life. I see the kind Baba Amritnathji Maharaj, Jyoti Nathji Maharaj, Shubh Nathiji Maharaj and Hanuman Nathji Maharaj in my dreams and all my difficulties are eased out.

Friar Shri Narahari Nathji Maharaj was especially kind to my mother, Shrimati Lakshmi Devi Biyani. A direct example of that was on 24th June, 1988 on the day of my marriage, and Babaji had a program to come. But around 1 o’ clock that day a relative of mine came from fatehpur and informed that Babaji had gone to Calcutta. He would bless some devotee’s marriage there on 23rd June and would come to Jaipur on 24th.  My mother got very upset and said that if Babaji doesn’t come, she wouldn’t go to my marriage. My father’s being no more and Babaji’s not being able to come made mother very sad and she prayed to Nathji with all her heart. But the kind will remain kind. The telegram reached Babaji and he suddenly told the devotees in Calcutta that he has to reach Jaipur by evening. The devotees said that it was already 12 noon and it was impossible to reach by evening. Even if he took a flight to Delhi and went the rest of the way by car, it would get on to 9 or 10 in the night. But Babaji reached the marriage venue in Jaipur by 7 in the evening. Babaji’s being there before the bridegroom’s arrival surprised everybody and made mother very emotional. Such is my Nathji Maharaj and such is his kindness towards his devotees. I’m too ordinary a devotee to explain his kindness. Oh Nathji Maharaj, give me an honest vision. Let my heart always be full of respect towards saints, poor people, the cow mother and Brahmins. Let me and my family be devoted to Shri Nathji Maharaj for all our lives. With this prayer, I salute Nathji Maharaj. Let glory be to Him!

A humble disciple of Nathji Maharaj

Rajendra Kumar Biyani
B 12, Kirti Nagar, Tank Road
Jaipur – 18 (Rajasthan)