Shrimati Babita Devra

I first saw Babaji (Friar Shri Narharinathji Maharaj) on 18th November 1986. I did not know him at all before that. The first miracle I saw was on the day I was leaving for my in-laws’ place after my marriage. The car had started up when Babaji said to stop it. Everybody was surprised. There was another similar occasion happening in our vicinity. All of the bride’s ornaments and other things were robbed on the road after their car went a little distance. From that day onwards, my faith in him increased and gradually I devoted myself in his service. On hearing several of Babaji’s educative speeches, I have felt that I have reached the path to true happiness. Babaji tells us about the ways of everyday life. We get a lot of peace from that lesson. I have got a son due to the blessings of Babaji. Not just that, I have found or felt that whenever I had some problem, I prayed to Babaji with all my heart and just after sometime my problem was gone.

Babita Devra