Shrimati Dhanvati Kothari

I am describing a marvel of Shri Nathji Maharaj. The incident I am writing about is 6 years old. At that time we used to live in Bareli, Uttar Pradesh. It was summer time and very hot. The coolers were running in every house. It was difficult to hear the sounds of our neighbours due to the sounds of the coolers. It was midnight and everybody was deep asleep at home. Suddenly some power woke me up and I came to the yard outside. I don’t know why I looked at the sky, and my breath stopped! I saw that the net had been removed from the ceiling. I shouted, “Thieves! Thieves!” I saw three guys on the terrace. Meenu and her father woke up at my screaming, and the thieves jumped off from the terrace to the next house. In the meanwhile one of the guys aligned a ladder against the window of the upper floor and was trying to break the window. As he saw me, he too jumped to the terrace. We tried to come out of the house, but the four guys had shut us in from outside. We could not come out. We shouted helplessly from our room, but no one could hear us due to the sound of the coolers. I hit hard on the wall with a stick. On this, it seemed to our neighbour that someone was making some sound, and they switched the cooler off. They screamed to communicate with us. I told them that the thieves were on both of our roofs, and that they had shut us up. Then they came out and opened our door. Meanwhile, the thieves tried to burgle at other houses of the locality. When they got caught there, people asked them where else had they burgled. They told that it was our house. Those who had caught them, brought them to our house beating them all the way. On a search, they were found to be armed with knives and daggers. It was our fortune that some strange power had woken me up. Otherwise the people at home, my son, my husband and I would not have been able to confront them. It is hard to tell what the consequences could have been. The thought of that night still sends a chill down my spine. That strange power was of none but my god Shri Shri Nathji himself. He had woken me up and saved us.

Dhanvati Kothari