Shrimati Minu Jaju

He has always been very kind to me. But here I would like to mention one incident. Once while I was returning from a marriage ceremony by train, a small piece of coal flew in from the window and got into my eye. I washed my eye several times, but the piece of coal was stuck in my eye with no sign of getting off.

Back home when we consulted the doctor, he recommended my parents to go for a surgery. My mother got very upset. Her strong faith in Nathji told her to leave everything on him instead of going for the surgery. There was the “aarti” (ritual with fire on an earthen pot) in the evening. My mother took Shri Nathji’s name and touched my eye with that aarti.

The next morning the first thing she did was seeing my eye. And to her surprise, the piece of coal was gone. Her faith and Nathji’s blessing did a miracle. Even today we pray to Nathji in times of sadness, vexation and danger. But we need to think about him even in every moment of happiness and believe in him.

I wish that Shri Nathji’s blessings be bestowed on all of you.

Meenu Jaju