Shrimati Pinki Buchasia

I bow at the feet of my Guru Shri Narharinathji and Nathji Maharaj, who is present in all the tombs.

It is due to their blessings and kindness that I have got this opportunity to get married in the Buchasia family and serve these great divine souls by being at their feet. Not everybody gets this opportunity. Before my marriage my life was that of a non-entity. But the moment I saw them, my life changed. I have great faith in them.

I fail to understand how I should describe the miracles of these great divine souls. It seems to be an impossible task for me. A miracle happened with me only. One might call it a miracle or their kindness. There wasn’t a son in the family. But I have got a son by their blessings. He has proved to be an incarnate of god to me. I haven’t seen god, but after seeing them I thought that they must be what we call god. I pray that their kindness be showered on me and my family for ever.

Pinki Buchasia
C/o Sharad Buchasia