Shrimati Prerna Khemka

I wished to study abroad and started applying to the American colleges since my eleventh standard. Babaji always inspired and guided me. It was due to his blessings that all my work happened without hindrances. I got my visa almost along with my ticket. There in abroad I faced problems, but got rid of them by praying to Nathji Maharaj. Once I missed my flight from America to India. The next flight was available after 7 days. But when I spoke to Babaji, he asked me to go to the Airlines office. Going there, I got a booking in the next day’s flight and came to India. In my first year in college, I used to get a 40% scholarship. I had a lot of problems regarding my expenses. But due to Babaji’s blessings it increased to 90% the next year. Babaji is concerned about me. He inspires me and takes care of me in my happiness and sorrows. He always tells me to be happy, to stick to my objective in life and to work. So far away from my family and my people, I used to be very sad at times and felt like crying. Then either Babaji calls up, or I feel that he is right in front of me.

It is due to Babaji’s lessons and inspirations that I am very successful and happy there. I do not lack anything, have a lot of friends and a nice job in the college itself. I come first in my college every year. The American culture and their ways are not hidden from anyone. But I have taken Babaji’s words for my bible in life – “Whatever is good in that country, whatever is worth learning, learn them don’t go for the bad things.”

Finally I pray to god to keep me under the auspices and blessings of my great Guru. I pray for the opportunity to serve my Babaji and be devoted to him. I pray to god to make me an ideal disciple of my Guru, obedient daughter of my parents and a loving sister to my siblings.

Prerna Khemka