Shrimati Sashi Devi Mahekheari

It is my great fortune that I was born in Fatehpur, Shekhavati, where Baba Shri Amritnathji Maharaj attained his salvation. This holy place has been sanctified and glorified by several holy men attaining their salvation. I had come to Shri Amritnath Ashram several times on my trips, but got attached to it after the great yogi and forecaster Shubhnathji Maharaj organized the festival of Bhandar. I used to come to the ashram with my grandfather and enjoy a lot, which I cannot describe with my pen. As time went on, my faith in Shri Nathji Maharaj went on increasing. How will I describe the miracles of Shri Nathji Maharaj? Every moment of my life has been blessed by him and it is all about thinking of the thought reader lord. But I am appending two incidents of my life below.

1. Both my elder sister and I had gone to our father’s place in Jabra, Madhya Pradesh, during the summer vacation.  A diamond necklace of my sister went missing. My father was a simple, honest man. He got very worried and sad. His daughter’s thing was lost at her parental home. But what could we do? We left it to the wish of Nathji Maharaj and went to bed at night. But everything gets solved by his blessings. My brother dreamt at night that Shri Nathji Maharaj was asking him to dig up the ground at one place. He told him that the necklace will be found there, but not by him. The next morning he told me about the dream, and according to the dream, made a hole in the ground outside. I went quickly, and just as I put my hand in the hole, the necklace came in my hand by the grace of the kindest of kinds. It was very strange to find the necklace from a place where almost everybody had wiped and searched before.

2. It was my brother’s marriage. The bride was supposed to come at 10 in the morning. Suddenly I got so sick that I lost all my senses. Friar Narharinathji had come to the marriage. My mother took me to him. She says that Babaji just touched my head with his hand and said, “Pay the ashram its due later on.” And I was fit and fine in a moment. Such kind is my Nathji Maharaj, whose kindness can barely be described by a trifle devotee like me. With these words, I bow to Shri Nathji Maharaj.

Shashi Devi Maheshwari