Shrimati Usha Khemka

I will describe a few instances to you, in which his marvels can easily be noticed.

1. The most significant incident of my life was my marriage. Before my marriage I had sat down in meditation and got an instruction. I agreed to get married. I am very happy and consider myself very fortunate to be blessed by Nathji Maharaj.

2. Before my marriage, I had the picture of a sage painted in my mind as my guru. My guru Shri Shri Hanumannathji Maharaj reflected that picture in himself, as if knowing what was there in my mind. I bow a million times to my Guru Maharaj.

3. I got my son after 2 daughters by the grace of my Guru – it’s a small instance. Guru Maharaj came into my room, didn’t even sit, kept standing and said, “Go get me some sweets, girl. Or else I’m leaving.” There were no sweets at home. So I got him a glass of water mixed with sugar. He drank it and said, “You deceived me, girl.” Along with that, he gave me a son. Such kind hearted he was. I want to remain as a dust particle at his feet.

4. My son Praveen fell very sick. The doctor said to protect him in the night. All night I prayed to Shri Nathji. When the doctor came in the morning, he was out of crisis.

5. Some problem was about to come up. Shri Narharinathji called up from Fatehpur and said, “Be peaceful.” Destiny probably was rigid. I could not hear the last 2 words Maharaj said, and had to suffer.

My husband Shri Mayapati Khemka has described several instances in his write-up, so I would not go for more. I pray to Nathji Maharaj to keep me as his servant and let me always look upon his feet.

Usha Khemka