Shrimati Vimla Buchasia

I have seen many miracles of the great Nath sages; so many miracles of Shubh Nathji Maharaj, Keshar Nathji Maharaj, Dhani Nathji Maharaj and Hanuman Nathji Maharaj, that I can hardly to pen them down. The wide range of miracles of Narahari Nathji Maharaj that I have seen is extremely difficult to put down on in writing.

Dhani Nathji Maharaj is my Guru. Ever since I've com e into this family, he has been guiding and guarding me around. I used to cry a lot when he fell sick. During that period, Narahari Nathji Maharaj used to come to Bisau every alternate day. He gave me so much strength and support, that I am short of words for describing that. He has done everything for me, and along with that, has shown me miracles. Whatever my children are today, are due to Narahari Nathji's kindness. Shubh Nathji Maharaj was at the bungalow in the coal mine since the morning of 10th July, 1961. That day he was leaving for Delhi by Deluxe. He said to me mother-in-law, “I'll reach Fatehpur later. The news of your grandson's birth will reach before that.” He was supposed to take either Jodhpur or Bikaner Mail to Churu. But he missed the train and went to Jaipur. From Jaipur he reached Fatehpur on 13th July. The telegram of Ajay's birth reached there 10 minutes before he did. When he reached the ashram by a horse carriage, the telegram was in Hanuman Nathji Maharaj's hand.

This was a simple thing. Who doesn't know about the greatness of the fraternity of Nathji Maharaj? What all do I write?

When I was 25 years old, I started having a pain in my leg. After 5 years, I started taking a tablet (neprosin) according to the doctor's prescription. The doctors say not to use this tablet, as it is very strong. The pain increased tremendously in May 2000. By September is worsened to the extent of intolerability. The doctors said that as I had already used such strong medicines, no other medicine would work on me. The only cure for it would be a surgical operation. My children said that we wouldn't go to Fatehpur that Sharad (autumn). We'll go to some foreign country and get the operation done.

I said I'll definitely go to Fatehpur. If I can't do anything, I'll sit in the room. We reached Bisau on the second day of Sharad. I was suffering from so much pain that I couldn't get down from the car. I said my prayers sitting in the car. When I reached Fatehpur from Bisau 3-4 hours after that, Sunita Madhogaria said to me, “Aunty, Babaji has prepared a balm for you.” I was very happy at the thought that back in Calcutta, I'll use the balm and get some relief.

I started applying it right as soon as I returned to Calcutta. I didn't pay it that much of a heed as Babaji did. He used to call up regularly and ask about my pain and the balm. When he called, I felt embarrassed and regulated the massage. I got such relief in just 2 months that I have no words for it. I still have the pain, but just about 10 percent of it. The strangest thing is that I have been using such a powerful drug since 25 years, and the medicine I am using now is about 75 percent less in power than neprosprin. My movements, standing and sitting had become so difficult. I was in bed in my room for 2 months. The most extraordinary thing about it is that when I recommended the ointment to others, it didn't work on them.

Whatever it is today, is due to the blessings of Nathji Babaji. But I am being able to move around normally due to Narahari Nathji Babaji's kindness. It is a very small thing in my life, though. What can one write on the greatness of Nathji Maharaj. The longer one sits with them, more such things keep happening.