Mrs. & Mr. Babita Bajoria and Rajesh Bajoria.

Glory to Shri Nathji Maharaj!

It is not possible to express the nobility of Gurudev in words. His greatness and his wonders are beyond description. Even without being told he knows and understands everything. You can put an end to all your troubles and solve all problems merely by thinking of Shri Nathji Maharaj and remembering him. There are numerous true incidents that cannot all be narrated but I would surely like to say that if I am alive today, then this gift of life has been given to me in charity by Shri Nathji Maharaj.

I was suffering from a gastric problem and the doctors could not fully understand or diagnose my case. Day by day the problem was getting aggravated. Then the great saint Shri Narhariji  Maharaj just seemed to wave a magic wand (stick) and my ailment disappeared! Whereas I had been unable to get up from my bed for two months, within two days I began to walk around easily. All medication was stopped. Later we discovered that I had been suffering from a terrible incurable disease that Baboji had cured in a moment. My Gurudev’s power is endless. He is very merciful. With his blessings our business has expanded to a great extent.

Whatever we are today, we owe everything to him. It is by his grace that we both are standing on our own feet today and have achieved this status and position.

Never before have I seen such a grand festival where lakhs of devotees from all parts of the nation and abroad turn up daily.

Whenever I call upon and invoke the name of Shri Shri Nathji Maharaj with a true and sincere heart, he instantly appears. Even the gods have said that first of all one must worship ‘Gurudev’ (the teacher-god). That is why every man must first bow before ‘Gurudev’.

Praise and glory to Shri Nath Maharaj! 

Mrs. & Mr. Babita Bajoria and Rajesh Bajoria.