Puneet Todi (Pooran)

The mere utterance of the Guru’s name is like crossing over the stormy sea of the world!

The grace of the Guru is always upon us, his servants. On 15th August 2004, I fell off a tree and injured my spine. The doctor suggested an x-ray and after seeing the report, he recommended a C.T. scan. On hearing this, my wife and I became very worried.

The night before we had to leave for Asansol to get the C.T. scan done, I saw Babaji in my dream although I do not know which of the saints I saw. Babaji began to rub my back with his hand and only spoke four words and then told me to go. At the end of the dream I woke up and my mind was filled with immense peace and tranquility.

Later, the doctor was amazed to see the report of the C.T. scan, and said that he had never before seen a case where an injury at that particular spot had not resulted in any nerve-damage. He told me I was truly fortunate. I said that this was not due to luck but owing to the powers of our guru. What more can a devotee who has such a Guru ever desire?

Puneet Todi (Pooran)