Shri Krishna Joshi (Munna)

Glory to Shri Nathji Maharaj,

 I bow before the dust of the feet of my teacher. The teacher occupies the most exalted position in the Indian scriptures. Mahatma Kabir has placed the teacher even above God.

 He says-

What even God cannot do, the teacher can,
In the three worlds and the nine skies,
There is no-one greater than the teacher.
The “shastras” (scriptures) say regarding the teacher-
The holy Ganges can wash away sins,
The moon can remove the heat from light
And the ‘Kalp’ tree has the power to fulfill wishes
And can hence remove poverty and want.
However, the virtuous and true teacher can eliminate all three-
Whether sin, heat or poverty.

My revered teacher Shri Narharinath Babaji is endowed with all these virtues and powers.

Ever since he became my refuge and offered me his tutelage, I have gained and benefited in every way. My parents remained the devotees of the most highly respected Shubhnathji babaji and Hanumannathji in their time, and Shri Narhari Nathji continues to shower his blessings on me and my entire family.

According to the scriptures, the true teacher is one who has acquired a high degree of knowledge, who is close to God, and who is without pride and arrogance. Whenever anyone comes to him or her to seek guidance, to be directed to the right path, the true teacher is capable of giving the right instructions and directions. The true teacher must be able to help the genuine seeker of knowledge.

Respected Narharinath babaji is able to talk about serious and complex matters to his followers in a simple and ordinary way of speaking. He has always avoided the formal mode of preaching and delivering discourses to instruct his disciples. He expresses his views and ideas so simply that both the learned and the illiterate can comprehend him.

The Fatehpur Shekhawati Ashram of Shri Amritnath ji is an abode of peace. The moment a person enters, he or she can experience immense peace and tranquility. Once a person reaches the Ashram, he or she realizes that the place is a pilgrimage centre-one can earn piety and blessings by visiting this holy spot. This is the place that has been sanctified by the presence of Shri Shri 1008 Baba Amritnathji, Jyotinathji, Shubhnathji, and Hanumannathji, who made it a centre of spiritual consciousness for both worldly men and householders, as well as for ascetics and those who had renounced worldly affairs. Respected Narharinathji babaji by further developing the essential spirit of pure consciousness is doing a great service for the benefit of mankind.

Swami Vivekanand has said that there are certain marvelous great men who are the teachers of teachers. It seems that they are gods in human form. They are exalted personalities and merely by their will and their touch they inspire virtuous, religious and pious thoughts and feelings in others, so that even an extremely irreligious and villainous person is transformed in to a good and holy man.

Several such personalities are born on earth and with their devotion and the power of their prayers become divine beings like God. We should not consider them as ordinary men, because their very presence spreads rays of goodness and purity, the entire atmosphere is influenced by their holiness. Those who consider these great spirits as ordinary men are blind. Such people will remain unhappy on this earth and after life will become the prisoners of ‘Yama’ (the god of death).

Following the tradition of Baba Amritnathji, there are great saints like Jyotinathji, Shubhnathji, Hanumannathji, and my own great teacher Shri Narharinathji- they belong to this class who with their devotion have been able to attain a close kinship with God. They have blessed the earth with their knowledge and goodness.

Finally, I wish to bow down and pay my respects to my teacher with the words of Goswami Tulsidas-

Full of eagerness, I lovingly worship the dust of the feet of the teacher,

That is fragrant and sweet.

Shri Krishna Joshi (Munna)
Fatehpur, Shekhawati.