Shri Mahavir Prasad Saraf

Glory to Shri Nathji Maharaj!

A hundred times do I bow before the venerable Baboji! Praise Shri Nathji Maharaj! Glory to Shri Amritnathji Maharaj! Hail all saints!

Since the year 1995 I have been associated with Amrit Kunj Ashram, Raniganj. Thus I became attached to it while it was still under construction. By the grace of Baboji it is still flourishing. Whenever I am staying at Raniganj, I begin the day by visiting the ashram to be blessed with the ‘darshan’ (holy sight) of Baboji.

I have deep faith in Nathji Maharaj, and on several occasions, I have witnessed wonders and miracles performed by him. I am sending an account of one such experience. Kindly oblige me by publishing it in the souvenir.

The incident occurred in the year 2002 at Kolkata. Several devotees of the reverend Baboji Shri Narhari Nathji Maharaj , who had come from Raniganj were also present, along with me. At that time my late wife, Shrimati Draupadi Devi Saraf was not keeping good health. Her condition was critical. I wished to pray to Baboji for her recovery. Therefore I joined the queue of people awaiting his blessings. When my turn came, even before I could speak, Baboji began to speak to me. He told me that my wife would recover and that there was no reason to worry. I was extremely satisfied as well as surprised to hear him say this. By his grace, my wife gradually improved in health and recovered to a great extent. She lived a normal life for a period of five years after this incident.

Suddenly on 28th January, 2008, between 6.30 and 7.30 a.m. my wife passed away due to cardiac disease in the intensive care unit of Anand Lok Hospital, Raniganj. Many of my friends and relatives remarked that only a very virtuous and saintly person could be fortunate enough to get such a peaceful death, and that she had attained salvation. However, the loss of a dear one is very painful and hard to bear; but one is helpless and has to accept the dictates of Destiny.

I pray to Baboji to steer the boat of my life to the other shore.

He has brought me thus far
May he remain with me in the future as well.

Your servant
Shri Mahavir Prasad Saraf