Shri Mannalal Buchasia

I have found such a true and genuine teacher, every cell and fiber of my body is overwhelmed. All are but beggars and there is no provider or giver as a teacher.

Our nation has been the birth-place of several great men. Shri Amritnathji Maharaj holds an exalted position among these. He has attempted to weave together diverse sections of society. He has played a significant role in religious, political, cultural, spiritual, yogic, scientific and industrial fields.

The future generations have great expectations from us. In this fast-changing scientific era, we are also undergoing a transformation. Guru Maharaj , who occupies the prestigious seat at present, saves us from the curse of the negative aspects of science at every step.

Of course he advocates the use of scientific inventions for the purpose of modernization, but he totally forbids dependence on them. In the course of ordinary conversation, in a casual, light-hearted manner, he explains how the use of some scientific inventions can give rise to certain diseases in the coming generations, and he cautions us, thus demonstrating his far-sightedness, and in this way he also strengthens the future generations.

Experimentation, planning and then execution and implementation- all these factors are very essential for the progress of any nation.

Experiment- Guru Maharaj conducts experiments on his own body and tries to observe the beneficial and harmful effects of different foods on his own health and advises his disciples accordingly.

Planning- Any task that is properly planned beforehand is done well and leads to success. This is what Guruji says and he demonstrates it also.

Execution- Once the plans are formulated, he implements and executes them and thus demonstrates and proves his theory for us his disciples. He says that one should not harbour any fears and doubts in one’s mind. In fact any problem should be dealt with and solved. Once I insisted that after heating and baking bricks get reduced in size. He immediately started his car and took us to the brick kiln. There he asked for a baked brick to be put back inside the previous mould. When it could not be done despite great efforts as it would not fit into the mould, my doubts were clarified.

Our Guru maharaj, in spite of being blessed with wealth and prosperity is not obsessed with it, nor does he allow us to be so. We are fortunate to get the guidance of Guru maharaj, who is not only teaching and improving us but also our progeny. In times of trouble we can feel his strength and are reassured.

Shri Mannalal Buchasia