Shri Muralidhar Chaudhary

My grandfather Jeevan Ramji’s father Nanak Ramji had an elder brother. His name was Chet Ramji and remained a bachelor for life. My grandfather also had a brother. My grandfather and Chet Ramji were very close. Chet Ramji devoted his entire life to Amrit Nathji. He stayed with him the entire time and rendered selfless service to him.

There is an incident that happened at the time of my parents wedding. More people than had been expected turned up at the wedding feast. As a result, they ran short of sweets. My grandfather ran to Chet Ramji and told him about the crisis. Babaji then asked that he be guided towards the kitchen. Once he was there, Babaji Chet Ramji took a mug of water and while chanting Nathji Maharaj’s name he sprinkled the water around from that mug. And he sat down. Then he called my grandfather in and asked him if everybody had been served the food. And my grandfather told him that everybody, including all the family members, had had the feast. Babaji then got up to come outside. Later, when they opened the sweet boxes, they were empty! All of them! When they asked Babaji about it, he just said all of this was the mighty grace of Nathji Maharaj.

Once, my grandfather saw Nathji Maharaj in full vision at the well near our house in Assam. Whenever anyone has faced some difficulty in our family, just chanting Nathji Maharaj’s name has helped to avert all those difficulties. We think of Sri Nathji Maharaj every moment, every minute. Just remembering him with a true heart gives us success in everything that we do.

At the time of my grandfather’s death, Nathji Maharaj sent in a message through the head of Makdi Nathji, “You go ahead, I will follow you.” And just a few days later, he passed away too.

When we had the housewarming party for our home, the current chief Mahanta Babaji Sri Narhari Nathji also made a visit. At that point in time, we had a young Nepali servant who had been missing for the last 5-6 hours. We looked for him everywhere before we told Sri Narhari Nathji. Nathji said, “He must be right here. Let’s look for him.” And then Babaji took us to the kitchen right away, pointed to this small cupboard and said, “Open it.” He was hiding in there!

There have been a lot of such incidents in life that have all been resolved because of the grace of Nathji Maharaj. Each and every family member has felt Nathji Maharaj’s presence at some point in time in life.

Muralidhar Chaudhary
Dibrugarh, Assam