Shri Narottam Vyas

I live in Phool Bagan, Kolkata. Only the landlord and I occupy the premises and I live on the ground floor. My wife and kids have been living in Lakshmangarh for the last 8 years so I live alone in the flat. One day I said to my landlord, “Dada, it has been 20 years since the house was painted but neither do you get it painted nor do you allow me to get it done.” He replied, “If you want to live here, fine! Else, you are most welcome to leave. Neither will I get it painted nor will I allow you to get it done. I said to that, “I cannot live in this house under these conditions.” Thus, I moved to Cotton Street.

Every Sunday, I would go to Phool Bagan from the Ashram to pick up my mail. I would then lock the house and leave for Cotton Street, as I was not living at Phool Bagan anymore. And this kept going on. One day, the landlord asked me to leave that house as he said that their flat’s living conditions would deteriorate if it remained out of use. I responded that my health was getting affected by living in a flat in such a dilapidated condition. And I would neither live there nor leave it as you don’t renovate the house and neither do you let me do that. I don’t want to fight so I am willing to take care of all the expenses of the renovation. But he still did not agree.

Two months later, he agreed and said you can call in the contractor. I hired the contractor and told the landlord that they will start working on Sunday. And now the landlord said that introduce me to the contractor tonight around 8 p.m. The contractor went to the house as asked at 8 p.m. and there the landlord’s two sons questioned him about what all repairs will he be making. He told them what all I had asked him to do. And then the two sons started to scream, “ This is our house, how can you get all this work done!” I replied, “The work has not even begun yet. That is just my plan. Nothing will be done without your permission.” The sons replied, “Get out of here right now!” The contractor was shocked. Both of them kept yelling. They said, “This is not Rajasthan, this is Kolkata. We will throw your belongings out of this house right now and you wont be able to do a thing about it.” I said, “Dada, calm down. My flat has been locked for a while. If you want to throw my stuff out, go ahead.” And then the contractor and I left.

During prayers, I pleaded to Sri Nathji Maharaj about my concern that I was not being able to make my prayers to God and light the dhoop (incense) morning and evening in my flat. I wish that you gave them some good sense Sri Nathji Maharaj so that I can stay in my flat and pray to you every morning and evening.

And just a few days later, I got a call from the landlord. He said, “Mr. Vyas, my contractor is going to start the renovation. Please come on Friday so we can sit together and decide how to get it done.” So I went there on Friday and the contractor started the work that very Sunday. The renovation was done in 20-25 days and he did not take a single rupee from me in regard to the expenses!

At that point of time, a lot of people said that I should be careful as he is probably playing a trick on me. He is going to throw you out of the flat by using the excuse that the contractor is beginning the renovations in there. But for some reason, I was absolutely sure that he would do no such thing anymore. I used to go there only in the morning and evening. My flat was in their hands barring one room that I had locked with all my belongings in it. And because of Nathji Maharaj’s kindness, I was able to light the incense and do my morning and evening prayers there daily.

I salute to Sri Nathji Maharaj!

Narottam Vyas