Shri Nemichand Saraugi

My venerable grandmother Shauda Devi was the sister of late Mr. Puranmal Buchasia. Living with her during my childhood brought me in contact with Sri Shubh Nathji Maharaj, Sri Ghadi Nathji Maharaj and Sri Kesar Nathji Maharaj. The venerable Sri Ghadi Nathji Maharaj granted me the guru-mantra. I used to keep visiting the Amritnath Ashram at Fatehpur and always received Sri Narhari Nathji Maharaj’s blessings.

In 1998, because of my own in mistake I fell into deep trouble. It had become difficult to afford even 3 meals a day. The whole family came to the Ashram at Fatehpur and we told Sri Narhari Nathji Maharaj about our misfortune. But he already knew everything. At that time he just said one thing, “In our culture only one person earns and feeds the entire family.” In other countries, women work too. And then he asked me where would I be going from there.  I said I would be going to Ahmedabad. It was going to be Amavasya four days later so I asked him if I should go after it. Duruji Maharaj replied, “What does Amavasya have to do with doing your work?” I left with my wife for Ahmedabad the very next day. I did not have any money to pay for our expenses. I only had his savings with me. He had once said to me that nothing would come in my way. His words were my only asset.

He had shown me the right path twice or thrice but due to my own immaturity, I had not been able to understand his words. And that is why I got into trouble. It was only after I went to the Ashram that my 3 daughters got married; I found a stable job and a good place to live. Our venerable Guruji is a sage full of wisdom. Once one understands his advice, he/she can prevent suffering.

The venerable Jyoti Nathji Maharaj once said to my grandfather, “You will have a son who will wed and that woman who will give birth to your grandson.” And it is a result of this blessing by him that I was born. The venerable Sri Shubh Nathji Maharaj had once given a blessing that a sister or daughter of the Buchasia family will never have to face hardships in life. And his blessing has had its effect till date. The profound and venerable Guruji Ghadi Nathji Maharaj’s blessing resulted to a son after four daughters. Thus, we have had the good fortune of always being blessed by them.

Nemichand Saraugi