Shri Raj Kumar Saraf

Most highly revered Shri Amritnath ji Maharaj was a divine and god-like person. He was extremely merciful, philanthropic, absolutely chaste, and devoid of attachment and hatred. He imparted spiritual and divine knowledge. He was co-operative and helpful, far-sighted and saintly. Thousands of people benefited from his nectar-sweet discourses and character. Many experienced spiritual joy due to his benevolence. Lakhs of diseased and sorrow-stricken people achieved happiness in life as a result of his mercy.

Maintaining his traditions at present Shri Narharinathji Maharaj occupies the ‘gaddi’ (the seat of honour) at Fatehpur. My family and I consider him as our ‘guru’ and have been serving him for the past several years. Ever since we became his devotees our fortunes have brightened. Luck seems to smile upon us. We have more than we ever hoped for. Today he is like a father to us. Every moment of the day we can feel his presence in our hearts,           and he comes to our aid whenever we are in trouble. His mere sight brings about such mental peace that cannot be expressed in words. It seems God is with us. Whenever the mind is troubled or agitated, merely speaking to him on the phone gives immense pleasure. He has especially bestowed his mercy and kindness upon me and he is always smiling and cheerful when he speaks to me.  No trouble or disaster can cross the path of anyone who is guided by him. The one who is his follower leads a happy life on earth and   gets a place in heaven after death. There are several religious teachers and all of these are full of greed for money. Out of avarice they encourage their followers to undertake wrong means to amass wealth. They do not have true religious knowledge to impart to others.

True and genuine teachers are a rarity in the world-they have no desire for riches, they preach the ideals of ‘karma’ (right action),’dharma’ (religion), self-denial and sacrifice. They advise their followers to walk on the right path; they take their devotees from darkness to light. The true teacher preaches religion, not fallacies and illusions.

To conclude I say-
Oh baba! Grant us strength
That our faith may never weaken!
May we walk on the path of righteousness!
Let us never sin, either intentionally or unconsciously.
Let the darkness of ignorance be removed
Give us the light of knowledge.
May we always be far removed from evil, no matter how long we live!
May we never harbour feelings of enmity for any man!
Nor may we ever seek revenge for wrongs done to us.
Let us always walk on the right path
And never sin either purposely or unintentionally.
Glory to Shri Nathji!

 Your humble servant
Shri Raj Kumar Saraf