Shri Ratan Lal Khemka

I am trying here to express my deep respect for our most venerable Gurudev, ocean of benevolence Sri Hanuman Nathji Maharaj through the might pen. Like all sages and group of devotees believe that you symbolize an ocean of benevolence, similarly your heart was always full of compassion for one and all. Hardly anyone must have had any suffering Because of your gentle and approachable nature. You always blessed all devotees of Nathji Maharaj with your grace and kindness. You would always stay ready and alert to help them find solutions to their problems. Anger was something that you were not even familiar with.

It is the fruit of some good deeds from my past lives and the pure splendor of my mother, Late. Triveni Devi Khemka that we got to be close to Sri Nathji Maharaj right from the time of birth. In fact according to my mother, the birth of all of us four brothers was the result of a blessing given to my grandmother, Late Mahadevi by the venerable sage Sri Jyoti Nathji Maharaj.

As I said before, anger could not even touch you. But because of circumstance or to maintain discipline, you would get angry sometimes. And on such occasion when he got angry due to being misinformed about something, he threw his beloved disciple, our sage Sri Narhari Nathji (current chief Mahanta) out of the Ashram. However, when he got to know the correct version of the entire story later, he felt remorseful. And he called Sri Narhari Nathji back to the Ashram and apologized to his disciple regardless of being the supreme guru. Babaji Maharaj possessed that large a heart.

Babaji did not hold the chair for too long. But in his brief 10-year reign, he caused immense development of the Ashram through his vision and diligence. It was during his reign that the Grain Pantry and Warehouse was established on the ground adjoining the Ashram. And he also went on a pilgrimage and travelled during that same time period. And in this order, he went on a Char Dham Yatra and Triyugi Yatra with his devotees, disciples and sages. He also went on the Amarnanth Yatra with his beloved disciple, our sage Sri Narhari Nathji and various other devotees. During his tour, he travelled to Kolkata, Raniganj, Siliguri and Mumbai too.

It was on one such trip that I got the chance to be at a party by a devotee of Gurudev for Gurudev in Mumbai. And I experienced something special there. While Gurudev was having lunch in a room, some of his devotees and their guests were playing cards and gambling in another room. I was very young then and did not understand the ways of the world so I went and talked about this to Gurudev. He just laughed and replied, “The wind is blowing in this direction in the world right now. So don’t try to fight it or get blown away by it.” I did not understand the full meaning of his words then but as I matured, I understood. And I realized that Gurudev had told me one of the highest truths of life in such a simplified manner. It shows me the right path to follow even today.

Emphasis has been put on pooja (worship), bhandar (charity for the needy)and jholi (sages collecting alms on a cloth bag) in the Nath traditions. He also accomplished complete knowledge in various studies. He was capable of cooking for hundreds of people all by himself for a bhandar and did the same on many an occasion.

Upon seeing the love, devotion and qualifications of his beloved disciple, our sage Sri Narhari Nathji, he appointed him as his successor. He has not only made the Ashram popular in this region but in all of India while fulfilling his obligations and has given a new direction to the sages, society and normal households through his future plans.

In the end, I would just like to make a request to Sri Nathji Maharaj that he bless my family and me with his kindness and great vision forever!

Ratan Lal Khemka