Shri Sharad Buchasia

I am grateful to that sweet moment when I was born in the Buchasia family and as a result, I received the blessings of Sri Nathji Maharaj. As you all know, I received Babaji’s blessings as a part of my inheritance and it is my humble request to our Maharaj that he keeps blessing us with his kindness and great vision for all generations to come. Writing about Nathji or about the direction he gives us in life or even about how he blesses us is not an easy task. For all devotees of Nathji, the day begins with his infinite mercy and ends under his shelter by remembering Nathji and chanting his name. If I talk of the blessings we have received from Babaji, then he has given us everything we have. If there is even a hint of a problem, just thinking of him and chanting his name helps us to prevent it in time. There is a certain faith and strength that generates in the mind by remembering him. Without saying a word, he gets to know of the conflict and problems in our heart and mind through his instincts and Babaji then goes on to solve them with ease.

Offering my greetings and respects to Sri Babaji,

Sharad Buchasia