Shri Sushil Dalmiya

It is my belief that if there is heaven on earth then it exists at the Amritnath Ashram, Fatehpur. Once in 2002, I reached the Ashram one day before the 11 Kundi Maha Shiva Rudra Yagya program. And when I reached, I got to know that I had to preside over the yagya as the chief yajmaan (aspirant who wants the yagya to be performed), which made me really happy. The 1000 Chandi Recital (Paath), Navratra Durga Puja, Ram Lila and Amrit Lila were also going on along with the Yagya as planned.

Two days after the yagya began, both my sons contracted diarrhea. They were given the medicines and were also on a saline drip. By nightfall, my wife and I got a little tensed. With everything that was happening, how would we manage presiding over the yagya the next morning? We had to stay up the whole night. Both of us prayed with a full heart to Sri Nathji Maharaj, “Your Excellency! This is beyond our control now. We can get past this only if we have your blessings.”

The next day, our daughter contracted diarrhea too. This worried us even more. Again, we offered the same prayers to him. In the morning we sat down for the yagya and by the grace of Sri Nathji, all three kids were absolutely fine throughout the yagya and it was concluded without any issues. Similarly all problems, no matter how big can be avoided just by taking Sri Nathji Maharaj’s name.

“Ek bharosa, ek bal, nahi anya vishwas. ‘Amrit’ nishdin ho rahe, Gurucharan ka das.”

          This means - You are my faith and you are my strength, and not just a belief. I feel I am a recipient of nectar everyday by being at your feet, in your service!

Sushil Dalmiya