Shri Vimal Modi

A guru is like a musk deer that lives in the nucleus but the deer searches for her all over. We should make a resolution to avoid this mirage of a deer and therefore believing that guru is supreme, we should follow the path shown by him so that we can see beyond this illusory world. Our Gurudev is such that he would take anything upon himself. He teaches his devotees to chant satguru-satguru as they go about life performing their deeds. He says, “You just keep your guru in your heart and mind and I will take care of the rest.” I salute to my benevolent guru!

Usually, a person receives the blessings of their guru only after birth. But due to his special graces bestowed upon the Buchasia family, we began to receive his blessings right from the time of being in our mother’s womb. In fact our father used to tell us that the first word a child says is ‘Ma’ but the first word spoken by the children born in our household is always ‘Jai Sri Nathji’.

I think my first guru was my father itself. He established a solid faith in our hearts by initiating us into the world of our venerable guru. He used to say that nothing has an identity separate from our guru. Religion, devotion and happiness, all of it exists by being at his service. Even God applauds the supreme power of a teacher but as gross worldly humans, our conscience stops us from accepting this truth. I pray to my Gurudev that he showers his blessings upon my family and me forever! 

Vimal Modi
Vidya Modi