Shri Yogi Kedarnath

“The koel calls into the dark, waiting for its lover to come.”

In religion, the form that we are familiar with, have you ever seen a person who is waiting for the day when one would meet his/her lover or has become like the koel who just keeps calling and whistling for his mate through the night? This now seem to be a thing of the past. One does not get to see such devotees today nor any such people. This only seems like ancient poetry now. Some people go and make an offering of water on top of the Peepal tree or a Shiva Ling, others go to the Hanuman temple and make a food offering to the Lord but that’s where their devotion ends. A Christian goes to church every Sunday and that’s where his/her devotion ends. A Muslim sits and offers Namaz to Allah, but the remaining time he stays the way he has been.

This is the extent of the hollowness of religion today. This does not lead to a transformation of a person nor does it lead to any, rather these rituals followed in the name of religion by society only lead to feuds between the Hindu-Muslim communities. Following these conventions do not really lead to prosperity in that person’s life but it definitely leads to adversity in the life of others.

True religion is much more internal; it is about endless revolutions and transformations within. A person who truly follows this path becomes so deeply immersed in finding the truth within that he/ she doesn’t really have the time to even bother with these rites and rituals. His/ her every breath is spent on spiritual activities just like the koel longing and calling it’s lover all night.

A living example of this unique and true devotion is the noteworthy Sri Narhari Nathji, our venerable Guru. Reading and listening to him is a joy in itself. You can hear the footsteps of an unprecedented revolution in your life because of him such that you would definitely want that invaluable revolution to occur in your life.

You also want to be in an environment where you can become familiar with yourself, take steps towards self-realization, a place where some more people are also heading in the same direction. And a place that is energized with such a spiritual environment consistently is the Amarnath Ashram. The pristine white Samadhi temple and the auspicious summit, made of white marble, is located on the Samadhi of the extraordinary Saint Sri Sri 1008 Sri Amrit Nathji Maharaj. The aura and spirituality that illuminates this efficacious and pure temple surrounds, enlightens and aromatizes the Ashram day and night.

It has filled the Ashram with great waves of spirituality and one such wave is Sri Narhari Nathji Maharaj. And with that wave -

May conversation never end
May one chat lead to another,
May the meeting last all day,
May the starry night be filled of our laughter.
May I wait every morning for his call,
So that I constantly have this realization of him.

That day, I got the chance to be in his presence after a long time. I had a strange sort of experience as I felt as if there was this strong light in front of my eyes, my nostrils were filled with this strange smell and I could feel beads of sweat on my spine. I dint know where I was but words made music there. For the first time there was no meaning; being in the presence of the Guru is to be in the company of the truth and in communion with the Lord but being present only in the physical sense is not of any significance.  If one’s heart is filled with dilemmas, then he/ she will be absent even when one is physically present. But being in his presence, all my dilemmas were put to rest. All the waves that were crashing around and filling my heart calmed down and instantly it felt as peaceful as a lake.

Every moment, every minute that one face for just one moment.
There were so many things but now I cannot forget my mistake.
I had seen his picture one day,
He has been close to my heart since some days,
That day in the past since some days,
All seem to merge in this one day.
Days now pass on in a manner
As if life is part of that one day.
Life passes on but that day does not.
Wherever I go, wherever I look,
He is not visible yet he’s right in front of me.
That face - even in the snow of a mountain!
That face, even at the threshold of my heart!
(The experience of the first meeting)

Yogi Kedarnath
Singhpura, Surat