Shrimati Annapurna and Sharda

I got the opportunity to visit Shri Amritnath Ashram with my grandmother and mother since our very childhood. Once I had the chance to stay at the ashram with my mother and grandmother during my grandfather’s surgery. Shri Shri 1008 Hanumannathji was heading the institution. My younger sister Renu was about 2-3 years at that time. She used to cry a lot. Mother used to be quite upset. Then Shri Hanumannathji Maharaj said, “Why are you upset? See, the child will laugh now.” She calmed down immediately by Babaji’s blessings and stopped bothering. My mind used to be very peaceful while I stayed in the ashram. I became very respectful and attached to the ashram ever since then. Then I got the opportunity to be baptized by the present chief Shri 108 Shri Narharinathji Maharaj.

Once we were going to Nyavar from Jaipur. The journey went very well. We were about to reach Nyavar in half an hour. It was almost dark, when suddenly a man came in front of our car. He collided with the windshield and fell down at a distance. Our minds were baffled and we were very tense. Just then I uttered the words “Nathji Maharaj, save us!” Some 100-150 villagers came and surrounded our car. Just then one man said, “Don’t be tense. It is not your fault.” Then everyone started saying the same thing – “It is not your fault.” Very shortly the man who collided with our car got up and started moving. The problem was solved by Nathji Maharaj’s blessings.

Once Nathji Maharaj came in my dream and said, “Annu, don’t go alone with the driver in the car.” I wondered why Babaji said this. The very next day the car met with an accident and got damaged badly. It remained in the workshop for 25 days, but none of the people who were in it got a single bruise.

I had spectacles ever since my childhood, but never had problems. In 2005, the doctor checked my eyes and said that my retina was drying up and a surgery was needed in 2-4 days. Otherwise, there was fear of losing my sight. I got very tense, because the surgery was a major one. I spoke to Babaji over the phone. Babaji said, “Why are you getting tense? Get the surgery done. It will be alright.” Babaji’s words induced courage in my mind. My eyes got completely cured by the blessings of Nathji Maharaj.

A daughter was born to my son Anubhav on 16th May 2007. Right after her birth the doctor said that she was having trouble breathing due to lack of oxygen. She had to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit immediately. When the doctor could not give us a satisfactory answer even after 6-7 days, I spoke to Babaji over telephone. Babaji told me, “Everything will be alright. Why are you worrying?” the baby recovered completely by the blessing of Guruji Maharaj.

Such is my Guruji, who solves the problems of the followers in every step of life. Following the path directed by Guruji Maharaj generates a unique feeling of peace in the mind. Chanting “Ohm Shiva Goraksh” and the Guru Mantra solves many a grave problem. Whenever one feels low or disturbed, a mere thought of Shri Nathji Maharaj solves the problems automatically. Shri Nathji Maharaj comes in the dream and relieves one of all miseries.

I would just like to say that as long as I breathe, I will keep chanting my Gurudev’s name and my heart will be full of devotion towards Him.

Annapurna and Sharda
Jaipur, Rajasthan