Shrimati Anu Pradip Sureka

Today everybody knows that the human body is made of the five elements. Similarly, our Babajis are full of the five divine elements.

Water – Shri Amritnathji Maharaj – that showers elixir on Babaji continuously.
Fire: - Shri Jyotinathji Maharaj – whose flame burns round the clock in Babaji’s heart.
Sky – Shri Shubhnathji Maharaj – whose good wishes are as endless as the sky, which bestows upon Babaji constantly.
Air – Shri Hanumannathji Maharaj – who is present in our Babaji like the air.
Soil – Shri Amritnath Ashram – where the soil contains the dust of our Gurus, which exists in every particle of our Babaji.

It is because of these five elements that Babaji exists not only as a human being amidst us, but also as God in the form of a great Guru. Hence, these divine powers have named him Narhari Nathji, the bridge between “Nar”, that is man, and “Hari”, God Himself. Guruji shows us the right path every single moment in this Dark Age, and relieves us of problems like everyday pains, sorrows, obstacles, hindrances and discrepancies.

10 years passed after our marriage, but we did not have children. We were trying every alternative. We went to several temples, prayed to various gods and goddesses, consulted different astrologers, conducted a range of rituals and committed so many things, but there was only hopelessness around. In the year 1991, we came to know that Babaji had arranged for “Shatchandi” in the Fatehpur Ashram. Our relatives, especially my sister-in-law and her husband, Archana and Shamsunderji Dhanuka, asked us to participate in this grand ritual, and we reached there with pure minds and our wish to have a child. Right as the final homage was paid and Babaji got up from the hearth, it occurred to our minds that we should bow to Babaji. We did so spontaneously amidst a crowd of thousands and laid our wish at Babaji’s feet in our minds. Our divine Guru had no intimation about our wish. But he came to know about it by his celestial power, and bestowed his blessings on us like a meticulously directed arrow.

Then on 19th August 1992, Babaji’s blessings manifested in the form of our son, whom we have named Archit. Today he has turned fifteen, and by virtue of being a manifestation of Babaji’s blessings, he has complete faith and reverence for Babaji. This is a big incident that I have presented you. But there are many such incidents have occurred in the forms of big and small problems, which have passed by almost without notice. I pray that Babaji’s love and blessings shower on pour family for ever.

Annu Pradip Sureka