Shrimati Bimala Devi Buchasia

I have seen the great saints of this ashram, who is no less than one another. I am writing a small incident about Narharinathji. Otherwise, I do not have enough words to write about Narharinathji’s greatness, and probably will not be able to complete it even if I keep writing all my life. What I used to be and what Babaji made of me! If my great Guru had not held my hands, I would have got swayed away, but Babaji Maharaj has been the directing star for lost travelers like me.

It happened in October 2005.

I and my second son Anand had gone to Mumbai. I was ill and had to consult a doctor. The doctor’s reports were fine and we were about to come back to Kolkata. But Anand said that we would not go to Kolkata, but would go to Fatehpur to pay our homage to Nathji Maharaj. We, the mother and son, went to Fatehpur. The next day we came to Delhi from there to come back to Kolkata. My sister used to live in Gurgaon. We halted there, had our meal and left for the airport. My sister and her husband came to see us off. We were just getting off the car, when Anand came running back with tickets for the Sahara flight due to leave at 4 o’ clock and told me hurry up, or else we might miss the flight. He then told my sister and her husband not to get off the car, as we would be leaving right away, and they left. We went to the counter, where we were told that we were late and could only take the 8 o’ clock flight. We sat down morosely. Anand suggested that he should call my sister and her husband back. He called them back to the airport over phone. He spoke to a few other people on the phone. As he disconnected, he told me that he was feeling very hot. I touched him and found that his forehead was perspiring, and he called for the doctor. By the wonder of Babaji Maharaj’s blessing, there was an elderly lady doctor sitting right next to us. She came over and made Anand lie down on the ground itself. I was opening his shoes, while my sister arrived with the airport doctor. The lady doctor and the airport doctor gave him Sorbitrate (a medicine) quickly, called the ambulance, provided him with oxygen and shifted him to the hospital all in a hurry. A man from the airport staff accompanied us. He was such a nice person that it is difficult for me to describe. It was all Babaji Maharaj’s blessings. A mother, who was with her young son, was taking him to the hospital in an ambulance and was holding his shoes in her hand! What else do I write about it? It happened around 5 in the evening.

Anand was suffering a lot on the way. They started taking actions right as soon as we reached the hospital. Things were alright for the first 2 hours, but then a doctor came and said to me, “Your son ahs a clot. Till now he is having angina pain. We are trying our best, but you better call whoever you want to call.” First of all I called Babaji. Babaji told me, “Don’t panic. I’m reaching by tomorrow morning.” Then I called my elder son Ajay in Kolkata. Ajay and Anand’s wife Nita reached by night. The next morning Babaji reached the hospital and started scolding us. “Why have you brought the healthy and fine young man to the hospital? Get him out of here fast!” the doctors wanted to keep him in the hospital for 7 days, and an angiography followed by an angioplasty was absolutely necessary. Ajay and I got very upset and cried profusely. What should we do now? Dilip and Anil reached Delhi from Europe at night and said that Anand should be brought back home in the morning. By Babaji’s grace, Anand came back home in 36 hours. Not just that, but the very next day we brought him back to Kolkata like a fit and fine normal man, and he has not had angioplasty or anything till today. Babaji says that nothing had happened to him. Now by Babaji’s blessings, Anand has become fitter and more active than before. We get the tests done as per the doctors’ recommendations as we are sinners and hence, weak believers. But by Babaji’s grace, the reports are fine on each occasion.

Babaji, please forgive me if I have written anything wrong.

Bimala Devi Buchasia