Shrimati Lakkhi Goenka

Nathji Maharaj exists everywhere. Last year my husband, Vishnu Goenka who was working at a company, was accused of a crime and given a notice to leave work by Diwali and Durga Puja. We told about the entire incident to Sri Narhari Nathji Maharaj who then said that there is no need to worry. One day such was the grace of Sri Nathji Maharaj that he came in the form of a Brahman and told us, there is a businessman in Lakshmangarh who has helped a lot of people of Lakshmangarh; we should also go to meet him. And the very next day, my husband had a job again. He saved us from a big crisis as my children’s education and our household expenses were met only through my husband’s income. Sri Narhari Nathji is my guru. Whenever I think of him, it seems as if he is there right next to me.

My son was not getting an admission so I said to him, “Babaji, I need to get one admission done.” “Go tell your brother, it will happen.”  When, what, how and through whom does he get something done, cannot be explained. For example, before, we used to live in one room and could hardly afford the children’s education. But because of Babaji’s grace, today we live in a huge flat. It’s just about worshipping him with a pure heart.

When I was not able to give birth to a son my mother-in-law said, “You had a daughter 5 years back. Now tell your Guruji that you want a son.” I had gone to Fatehpur, so I sat in front of the Samadhi, joined my hands together and prayed to the Lord, “Please bless me.” Exactly nine months later I gave birth to my son, Shailesh. There aren’t enough words to describe Guruji’s splendor and glory. He is the Lord in today’s world. The balance of my life is in his hands. Even my husband has developed complete faith in Guruji now. In fact, he even says that now I will make him my Guruji too. Guruji is the one who protects us in every step that we take.

My prayers to Sri Nathji Maharaj!

Only yours,
Lakkhi Goenka