Shrimati Mira

Guruji has requested to send in our opinions/ suggestions about Nathji. I would like to begin with a doha (couplet) by Guruji.

“Khaan-paan, maat-pita, milte sab jag-maahin.
Manuj deh guru mile, amrit yun balihari.”

When I was a child, I often saw my father performing Kirtan and Satsang for the Lord. Especially in the monsoon season, he would call in the Kirtan troupe and sing with them on the roof. I used to sit there and listen to them. Gradually, these devotional songs began to have an effect on my psyche. My father would become ecstatic when he described the meaning of these devotional songs with utmost adoration to me. He used to say, “These devotional songs have the truth of life in them. Everything exists inside our body; we do not need to search for anything outside. These devotional songs and these words by Nathji Maharaj are invaluable. If we follow these words through life, then we do not need anything else in life.” I did not have a great understanding of it then, but seeing the adulation in my father’s eyes and seeing his devotion, I used to do exactly what he would say.

Then I got the chance to study yoga. Whenever there used to be a huge discussion on yoga and I got to hear the views of venerable yoga teachers, I felt that this is exactly what my father used to say about Sri Nathji. I went into an education in yoga with unbridled enthusiasm and gradually, I began to understand the significance of yoga and the true meaning of devotional songs. I felt as if my third eye to knowledge had just opened.

I used to keep walking around with my father’s book. I had thought that when I go to Raniganj next, I would talk to him in great detail. When I will go there, I will tell him that all that fog was parting away to lead to true knowledge. But unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to tell him this as to my great sorrow; my father expired exactly a week before my scheduled trip to Raniganj. And I was not ready for this at all. There was so much I still had to say to him. And to me, this was a harsh hit by nature.

Sri Nathji has been extremely kind to me. He helped me to fill the void I felt after my father’s death by being like a father to me through religion. He provided me mental and emotional strength. Dear Nathji Maharaj, I was already indebted to you but now this body belongs to you too. I am delighted by Sri Nathji’s grace. Seeing his unconditional love, I felt the kind of devotion for him that Mira had for Sri Krishna. Whether or not I am physically present in his service (due to family obligations), the image of our divine and loving Sri Nathji always stays in my heart. Whenever I am tensed or feeling depressed, I just close my eyes and think of Sri Nathji and magically, he has always shown me the way. That shows his immeasurable compassion for me.

I teach yoga at various places, invited at different events but even there, I talk about yoga, knowledge, devotion and breath through Sri Nathji Maharaj’s couplets and devotional songs.

Today, it is only because of Sri Nathji’s immeasurable compassion that I am being able to follow the path my late father had shown to me; I am a yoga teacher. Initially, I used to work as a teacher in a school but I was not content. But later, I got the opportunity to work as a yoga teacher. With Guruji’s blessings I want to keep moving forward in this direction and keep growing. I want to leave an indelible impression of yoga and devotion in the heart and mind of humanity through the medium of devotional songs, devotion, knowledge and yoga. At the same time I also want that when my children grow up, they scale great heights and achieve immense success in whatever they do and on the other hand are devoted of Sri Nathji Maharaj.

Dear Nathji Maharaj, I hope that my children and family will always have your blessings!