Shrimati Pinki Buchasia

Our country has a lot of religious sites, temples and many, many scenic sites. But amongst all of them, I believe that the Ashram in Fatehpur, Rajasthan is the greatest. This Ashram is of the highest esteem in my eyes. My heart fills with joy the moment I step into the Ashram. I salute to the sacred soil of the Ashram. Many of the great gurus have set foot on this sacred soil. And their yoga, abnegation and radiance lend grandeur to the Ashram even today. It seems like all that all who had once been a Babaji are blessing the devotees when the devotees visit the Samadhi even today.

Special attention is paid to nutrition, living conditions and hygiene at the Ashram in Fatehpur. Babaji has laid emphasis on a Saatvik diet, especially yogurt and whey as their intake prevents all sorts of bodily pains and diseases. Babaji follows the same diet as well. Babaji teaches us that we have received the gift of a human life so we should not waste it on irrelevant things. We should go on performing good deeds without expecting anything in return.

Our Babaji has a very cheerful and benevolent nature. Being in his presence takes away all my miseries and troubles. You don’t even need to tell him a thing as he is already rules within our hearts and knows all about us. He is like a psychic. He knows if anything is wrong just by looking at his devotee’s face and provides solutions to him/her then and there. Whenever I have been in any difficulty, I just remember him with a true heart and every difficulty till date has got resolved. His heart is pure and kind and he always dresses in ordinary clothes. He does not like pretentiousness at all. He just teaches that we keep faith in God and that God is our true support.

Babaji is very affectionate towards children. Children share the same love for him and keep running to him for Prasad and toffees. Babaji believes that children are a reflection of God himself. He says that children will grow up to be a reflection of the education that has been imparted to them. Just like a potter keeps the raw clay pots he makes on a stove so that they can take permanent shape, similarly it is the right education that can take a child towards a successful future. 

I don’t know what else should I write about Babaji. This is an extremely challenging task for me. I just hope that my family and I have Babaji’s blessings upon us forever!

My respects to Babaji,

Pinki Buchasia