Shrimati Pushpa Jaipurwala

Our country has a lot of Ashrams, but I have never seen one like the Sri Amrit Nathji Ashram situated at Fatehpur. I got the opportunity to visit this Ashram only after I got married. After getting married, my mother-in-law was the one who took me to this Ashram. My mother-in-law had been associated with this Ashram for a very long time. She used to be a devotee of Sri Amrit Nathji and believed that he was present in every particle around.

When I visited this Ashram for the first time, the moment I entered the main gate I felt this peace in the environment and this serenity, which filled me with joy and happiness. Viewing the four samadhis and Nathji’s seat made me very happy. That was the day I decided to become a devotee of Guru Maharaj. This association with the Ashram has made me content in life. At the same time, I have also got the privilege to meet great sages and saints.

A few years later, Baba Sri Narhari Nathji granted Guru Diksha (ritual of initiation into worship) to my husband and me. After receiving Guru Diksha, I began to feel this strong sense of devotion, which led to a lot of changes within me.

There is this incident that truly happened in my life. Both the bones of my leg had broken and when I told Guruji, he gave me this blessing that you will be absolutely fine. Once he blessed me, I also felt confident that I would be completely cured. Whenever I talked to him on the phone and asked him that how many days would it take before I will be absolutely fit again, he would say that I would be fine in 20-30 days. He took 18 months to heal me. When I went to the Ashram after regaining my health, I asked him, “Why did you take 18 months to heal me while you told me it would only take 20-30 days?” Gurudev replied, “ If I would have told you that it will take 18 months, how would you have been able to pass this time?” and just by saying that, he made me realize that one should deal with his/her difficult phases in life with fortitude and patience.

This experience has instilled unwavering faith towards Guru Maharaj in my heart. I pray to Guru Maharaj that he for my family and me in such compassion forever!

Pushpa Jaipurwala
Bellary, Karnataka