Shrimati Rachna Devi Mor

No one is more important than mother and your Guru in this world. It is because of my mother that I got the opportunity to have such knowledgeable gurus in my life. In fact, I am alive today only because of the kindness and great vision of Babaji. Babaji has given me a new lease of life. Six years back, my doctor told me that my uterus is completely damaged and therefore, I need an operation. He later told me, it could also be cancer. Even the test results showed it as the last stage. The doctor told me this meant that now I could not even be operated upon.  That is when Babaji said to me, “Nothing will happen to you. You just need radiation.” During the treatments, I felt no pain. Even today, when I go for my regular check-ups, doctors often ask, “Do you worship some particular God?” And I say, “I just always think of my Guru. Whether I am asleep or awake, whether I am working or resting, my Guru is always in my heart and mind. It is because of Guruji’s kindness and his great vision that I am alive today. Guruji has given me a new life. Guruji’s glory is magnificent and grace infinite!”

Rachna Devi Mor
Gaya, Bihar