Shrimati Sakshi Buchasia

I feel I have found my purpose in life by having Babaji as a guru. It is impossible to describe his glory in words. I feel blessed to have been born in the Buchasia family because that it why I have found a true guru just like Lord Hari, my teacher of truth. Babaji has always shown the right path to his devotees, he empathizes with all his devotees and feels their pain. Finding your true guru is the path to salvation itself. Babaji is like a psychic, he can read your mind and understand the wishes and desires of your heart without you having to tell him. If Babaji wishes to, he can save his devotees from any sort of sorrows and troubles but he desires that all his devotees bear the fruit of their own deeds. Our lives have flourished since we have found shelter under Babaji.  Guru is like a mother, a father, a brother, a sister and a friend. If we think of Babaji and chant his name with a true heart, then we will find Babaji physically in our presence. It is definitely true that the love between a guru and his devotee is deeper than the ocean. Babaji is like an endless ocean of love. During childhood, I could not understand Babaji’s glory due to my own immaturity but as I grew older, my faith and my devotion towards him only became stronger. Babaji binds all his devotees through one thread and gives us all inspiration to spend our lives through his discipline.

“An unwavering faith of my guru, regardless of what emotion I feel!

You are the world and the world is you, may you resolve my every dilemma!”

Sakshi Buchasia (Jolly)
(Daughter of Sri Ram Buchasia)