Shrimati Sangita Dhanuka

I feel truly blessed to have been born in a family, which has the blessings of Babaji. I used to go and see Babaji with my grandmother and that is how I became a devotee of Babaji. I did not even realize how time passed by from my childhood to my youth with me at his feet. And as soon as I had become an adult, my parents began to worry about getting me married while I was worried about what kind of household will I go into, will I get to meet Babaji anymore! But by the amazing wonder of Babaji, I got married off into a family, which is also devoted to Babaji. I felt as if I had got the whole world’s happiness!

The incident of my engagement ceremony is as amusing. One day we got a phone call from Babaji, come to Mumbai. The very next day, my parents and I reached Mumbai. I did not even know the name of the man I was getting engaged to! Babaji said, get engaged to him, so I did. Even today, that day has great memories for me and thinking about it brings me a lot of happiness. And Babaji gave this happiness to me. I dream and hope that my family and I have Babaji’s blessings upon us forever!

Sangita Dhanuka