Shrimati Seema Madhogarhia

My regards to Sri Gurudev! I got the privilege to come in contact with the current Mahanta Sri Narhari Nathji because of the infinite grace of Amrit Nathji. I had the good fortune of meeting Sri Narhari Nathji for the first time at Fatehpur. I have been going to the Ashram for the last 9-10 years.

Three years ago, I was sitting in the presence of Babaji with my family at the Ashram in Fatehpur. All of a sudden my husband asked Babaji, “Babaji, Yash (our son) has been prescribed spectacles at this early age. Will it stay like that his whole life?” He replied, “Apply five year old honey in his eyes like kohl(Kajal) when he goes to sleep everyday.” I started to apply the honey two months later.

And when the ophthalmologist checked his eyes one year later, the power had reduced by 0.5. When his eyes were re-examined another 9 months later, his power had not decreased further. But I did not give up and kept applying the honey. I got his eye check-up done another 1 year and 3 months later and we could not believe our ears when the ophthalmologist told us that his power had reduced by another 0.75. And, his power will be nil in another 6 months and he wont need spectacles anymore!

Incidentally, Babaji came to our house in Barakar. When we told Babaji about this entire episode and Babaji said, “Take off his spectacles, he won’t need them anymore.” We took off his spectacles then and there and like Babaji said, his eyes had been cured. In the end, I would only like to say that I hope that my family and I are graced with Nathji Maharaj’s kindness and great vision forever.

Seema Madhogarhia