Shrimati Sita Devi Buchasia

The ‘Divya Jyoti Parva Amrit Mahotsav 2002’ held on the 151st birth anniversary of Sri Sri 1008 Amrit Nathji Maharaj was organized so well that words are not enough to describe it. The objective of the program was to develop the feeling of love amongst people.

Guru-govind dono khade, kaake laagu payen.
Balihari Gurudev ki, jin Govind diyo milaae.

My elder son, Sushil, was in a hurry to build his house and I was visiting the Ashram at Fatehpur. I got a call from Sushil in Fatehpur to inform me that he was getting the foundation established for the house. I told him to talk to Babaji before any work was started. I then told Babaji that the foundation pillars were being put in place for Sushil’s house. Babaji replied, “The one who is unique is the one lifting those pillars.”


I came back to Raniganj after that. Work on the house had come to a standstill and every time Sushil attempted to resume work on it, some or the other problem would arise. The water-wells dried up in the summers or there were financial difficulties or something else would happen.

It was the summer; Babaji was visiting Raniganj for a few days. It was around 11-12 o’clock and the heat outside was unbearable. I told Babaji about the entire situation and requested him to visit the site. Babaji kindly accepted my request and wanted to see it immediately. And then the miracle happened! The house was constructed completely within 1 year. The wells did not dry up nor did we face any financial difficulties this time around.

What else is this other than the kindness and grace of our Guru, whose benevolent gaze is always watching over his devotees!

Sita Devi Buchasia