Shrimati Suman

I remember that Sri Nathji Maharaj used to visit my home often during my childhood. In the monsoons of 1999, we used to own a 407 truck that we used to run for hire. We had also put up a photograph of the senior Maharaj in it. Once around that time, the truck was out for a shipment with full cargo and my husband, Manik, was travelling along. And suddenly, the truck ran over a man. The driver and the truck operator ran off leaving the truck that very moment. A big crowd gathered there in seconds and a huge commotion followed. My husband only uttered one thing, Oh Nathji Maharaj. He then jumped out of the truck, took some papers, sent that man to the hospital and then he took a rickshaw to come home with my brother. He was very nervous and upset. The police had seized the truck and taken it back to the police station.

But because of Nathji Maharaj, a miracle happened. Babuji went to the police station with an acquaintance and not only were they able to prevent the case from being registered but the truck was also returned to us with full cargo that very night. And it was Nathji Maharaj’s grace and glory that despite being run over, the victim did not even have a scratch on him and became completely healthy. Some days later, Babaji Sri Narhari Nathji Maharaj came over and he said that we should sell the truck and buy a shop. Today, we own a wholesale medicine shop, which is running well all because of Sri Nathji Maharaj’s grace and glory.

I cannot even describe how many times Sri Nathji Maharaj has helped to achieve success or get past trouble in various unsaid and unseen occasions of my life. He is the God of gods for us. My grandmother used to say that we have all that we need because of Sri Nathji Maharaj’s grace. We are breathing and living today only because of all that he has given to us. We pray to Sri Nathji Maharaj that may he always bless our family with his grace and glory!