Smt. Nirmala Todi

“Guru”- on hearing the word it seems as though we have acquired all the joys in the world! Guru is like a mighty ocean- how can I describe him in a few words on this little piece of paper? Even so, by his grace I shall try to write something, and I beg pardon for any flaws and shortcomings.

We have had so many experiences on various occasions when we have felt that Gurudev is the Preserver of our family. I shall describe one such incident below.

Ever since I got married I had been suffering from various problems. The place where we live is such that it seemed that some evil spell had been cast on us. Day by day my husband was losing weight and his body seemed to be dwindling away. I consulted many astrologers- all said the same thing- it seemed that his growth, progress and advancement had been restricted and controlled. Then I consulted an astrologer who had never been proved wrong. Initially my husband went to see him and two days later I visited him also. What he told us was amazing!

We told the ‘pundit’ that whenever we felt someone had cast an evil spell on us we used to immerse Gurudev’s statue in water and then sprinkle the water all around and drink some too! The moment we said this, he said that he had not slept for the previous two nights as he could not understand how my husband, Todiji, still continued to survive! He said it was this very power that had saved him. Without my asking, Gurudev gave me such a great gift, I feel overwhelmed and am unable to express my feelings.

Such is our Gurudev! Therefore I bow before him a hundred times. We do not even need to ask, and we receive in abundance without asking.

Gurudev, have mercy and make me your own.

I seek refuge- grant me shelter at your venerable feet!

If I have erred, I beg forgiveness from all.

Smt. Nirmala Todi