Sri Mayapati Khemka

I offer my prayers at the holy feet of Shri Nath Maharaj and I greet all his devotees with the praise of Shri Nathji!

In the previous souvenir (year 2002) I had written about the many blessings that my family and I had received directly from Shri Nathji Maharaj. In this issue I shall narrate  those instances from the life and character of the present Guru Shri Narhari Nathji Maharaj that have had a tremendous impact on me. There are so many features that we must learn from and try to emulate.

1. Food habits:  His diet is an ideal one and very simple. We have witnessed several occasions when devotees brought the choicest delicacies for him but he did not even taste them. Sometimes he combines all the dishes in such a manner that one can hardly discern the taste of the mixture. Sour, sweet, pickles, poppadums, chillies, spices – all mixed together give practically no taste. He prefers the minimal use of salt, sugar and fat in the diet. He says that too much of salt intake is not good for health, and that is why one must cut down on its use. Like the erstwhile Maharaj, he keeps experimenting on his body and he actually practices whatever he preaches. The quantity of food and the timings of his meals are fixed. I have never seen him being enticed by food that appears delicious and attractive.

2. Body that is flawless and pure:  We have been observing him since years-never has there been a foul smell emanating from his mouth or his sweat or while burping after a meal. He has never suffered from any kind of itch or bacterial or viral infections. Otherwise one would not like to sit next to him. He exposes his body to the extreme heat and cold of Rajasthan. He roams around the entire Ashram and the fields and supervises the work that is done yet his skin is clear and soft to touch.

3. Health problems:  There is no question of any illness affecting him. Sometimes it appears that he has been affected by some ailment- giddiness, a pain in the neck or in the hip. However I feel as though he tries to show us that one can live with physical pain. He does not cease working. On the occasion of Guru Purnima in the year 2006, I was in the Ashram and he had a severe pain in the side at the waist. Yet he kept sitting erect on his seat continuously and did not lie down even for a moment. The entire day there was a never-ending queue of visitors and worshippers.

He has total control over his sleep. We have seen that whenever there is any major function, he remains without sleep for several days and nights. Even then his face appears fresh and bright.

4. A truly great yogi is one who can live amidst all kinds of men and women of the world and yet remain unaffected and detached. He can keep his mental stability intact. Meditating and praying while in solitude on mountains and in caves, in isolated and remote places  is different from being a ‘yogi’ (an ascetic) surrounded by worldly men and women. It would be difficult to find anyone having so much self –control in spite of seeing everything, visiting all places, discussing all matters, laughing and joking, etc. I am reminded of Yogiraj Krishna. Shiva - the protector of cows

Some people remark that he allows women to press his feet. In my opinion this is the height of the power of ‘yoga’ that he has so much self-control that he can keep his mind stable and sleep peacefully in spite of the women pressing his feet. It is the unique man who remains aloof in a crowded fair.

5. Arrogance has not even touched him. He recognizes his own power and greatness. He is aware of his own identity and knows what he is capable of doing. Yet he is so affectionate towards every-one – young or old, rich or poor, man or woman. Even in his community of ‘sadhus’, he treats all with the respect that is due to them. Wherever needed he is ready to provide and serve with body, mind, money and manpower.

6. He is much concerned about the new generation. He wants them to grow up to become good citizens and virtuous human beings, having faith in God. Along with the present he thinks of the future as well. There is modernity and openness in his ideas and his outlook is never conservative. He thinks in a scientific manner and there is no room for superstition. That is why he is popular equally among the youth as well as small children.

7. His daily routine appears simple but is not quite so. At times when we think he is asleep, I have observed him calling up people who are in distress, no matter where they may be. He speaks to them and then helps them to get rid of their troubles. He may spend the entire night in contemplation, thinking about the welfare of not only those who are near him, but those who are far away, in different parts of the country and abroad. He is concerned about every-one.

8. One can learn a lesson from him in philanthropy. Usually it is believed that when a saint blesses someone and removes his troubles then either the saint gives him the fruits of his own prayers and penance, or he takes those troubles on himself. However, since the last 4-5 years, I have observed that Guruji is constantly giving away with both his hands- whatever one may need, even without one’s asking! He merely keeps giving generously all the time.

These are my thoughts and my opinions- maybe you will agree with me.

You will find all kinds of people in the world- some may be your friends, relatives etc. but you will rarely find someone who is ready to risk all that he has, even every part of his own body, just for your welfare- someone who protects you from harm for twenty-four hours, throughout the twelve months of the year. This can only be our Gurudev, who is like our father. Therefore we must try to emulate him and walk on the path shown by him.

Glory to Shri Nathji!

Sri Mayapati Khemka.

Let the food cool before eating it; sleep on the bare earth;

Even the toughest yoga becomes simple then and there is no doubt or turmoil in the mind.