Sujeet Madhogadia

I wish to express my feelings about the ‘Ashram’ and Babaji. First of all, I wish to pay my respects and offer my ‘Pranam’ to Babaji- that will infuse confidence in me.

Whenever we visit Babaji, we experience a kind of joy in our hearts. Going to the ‘Ashram’ is an enjoyable experience. Sometimes Babaji tells us not to play and make noise. He tells us to sit down quietly along with others. At first we feel sad just sitting there. Gradually we begin to derive a kind of satisfaction and then our hearts are uplifted and we feel better as we sit and listen to Babaji’s interesting words instead of playing.

Babaji takes us to the farm where we have the best time of the day. We get the chance to see different kinds of plants and this helps to enhance our knowledge. We also play with babaji’s pet dog Julie at the farm. We are excited whenever we catch a glimpse of the Neelkanth (the blue jay), a beautiful bird. We go all over the farm in search of the bird but at times we are unable to spot it, then Babaji helps us by pointing in a particular direction and surprisingly we do find it there! We feel delighted to see the different birds and plants that Babaji shows us.

Sometimes Babaji makes us sit down and recite ‘Om’- initially we feel reluctant and wish to avoid this exercise, but as we begin to recite it, we begin to enjoy doing it and we derive immense internal satisfaction from it. Many times we are offered different kinds of chocolates as ‘prasad’ to eat.

We get ready early in the morning. Babaji allots certain tasks to us such as to clean the ‘samadhis’ and the ‘Shivalaya’, etc. We do the work readily as the physical exercise helps us to keep fit.

The food at the ‘Ashram’ is excellent and also very beneficial for health. Thus Babaji takes care of our physical fitness. On the other hand he also cares for our tastes as he sometimes calls the ‘puchkawala’ and the ‘muriwala’ (vendors selling spicy, sweet and sour fried snacks) and we all heartily enjoy those!

Babaji also takes the children to the cowshed where the cows and calves are fed. There are huge sheds and there are many cows and calves and all of them are fed well. Therefore the milk and curd in the ‘Ashram’ taste delicious! That part of the day is very enjoyable.

Sometimes Babaji plays with us. Occasionally he takes us to his new farm-house. There is a kind of swimming-pool there and we love to swim in its clean and pure water! These are some of the things we do at the ‘Ashram’ and this is how we enjoy being with Babaji.

Sujeet Madhogadia

Pride is a grievous sin; stay away from it!

Those who are cruel by nature shall have to endure great suffering!