Contentment supreme

  • Contentment wins
    Without resistance;
    The world accepts and sings in praises;
    It destroys greed,
    Spreads love and peace all around (1)

  • Heart is the abode of contentment,
    Considers the heaven wane,
    No sorrow or grief knows, that heart,
    Enjoys the bliss that is supreme (2)

  • Unblemished is he, who is contented,
    Away from greed and crooked ways ;
    San+kara says,
    He realises his true self easily (3)

  • Happy is he who is contented,
    Enjoys peace in every trial,
    The error of judgement, you and me
    Vanishes like vapour (4)

  • The contented is happy always,
    Loves all without discrimination ;
    No friend, no foe,
    All are reflections of his own self (5)

  • The person contented
    Crosses the ocean of the worldly life,
    Without difficulty ;
    All his problems resolve in peace (6)

  • Lord grants wisdom to the person, contented in life
    Blesses him with a simple heart, pure body
    Bestows upon him the boond of deliverance (7)

  • The erudite sages know the strength
    Of contentment ;
    With it they crush the demon of greed,
    Open the path to eminence. (8)

  • Saint is he who is contented,
    Gives up attachment, lives equanimity,
    Has no friend or no enemy
    Loves all without discrimination (9)

  • The contented reach the state of truth
    And of deliverance
    Sankara says,
    For such a being
    the king and the destitute
    are equal and similar (10)